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Less stress.
More focus.
A smoother you.

Plato is a daily herbal nootropic that can improve your memory, help you focus, and reduce symptoms of stress.

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Nootropics should be safe, simple, and effective. That’s why Plato has only four well-researched ingredients.

Stress kills productivity.
Plato kills stress.

All four of Plato’s ingredients are known as adaptogens — that means they help the body and brain cope with stress.

Less stress means more focus, more productivity, more consistent energy, and more time for you.

Try Plato, lower your stress, or your money back. Easy!

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Lower your heart rate. Invite in the calm.

Plato is formulated to increase calm. Other nootropics might claim to offer boundless energy and laser-like focus, but if there were a magic bullet to limitless, manic energy, don’t you think the Soviet space program would have found it?

We think the key to consistent energy and focus is calm. Try Plato and see if you agree.

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Plato is made of pure gold *

Not really. Technically, Plato is made of branded, standardized extracts.

Our ingredients are backed by the companies that make them, and also by double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trials in healthy young adults.

Check out our research page for why we only work with suppliers who are OK putting their name on our label.

* To be clear, Plato is not made of gold at all – this is a metaphor.

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Steady as she goes

I noticed a positive response with the first dose … just a pleasant boost in focus and alertness as well as a calming over all. I really am happy with fewer proven ingredients and my personal response.

Verified Costumer

“I’ve been taking Plato daily for around a month and am already noticing a significant improvement in my focus and retention … Strongly recommend.”

Verified Costumer

“Plato makes me feel clear and focused in a way I am always looking for. I am so glad I found it!”

Verified Costumer

“I’m super stoked to have found this brand. I really feel its been helping with keeping my energy up … This is the only new real change to my diet and it turns out to be a great addition!”

Verified Costumer

“I feel as though a cloud of fog has been lifted off my brain …. Where has Plato been my whole life???”

Verified Costumer

“Plato has restored a sense of balance and focus that I used to take for granted … With Plato, I feel more like me.”

Verified Costumer

“As an entrepreneur, I wear a lot of hats and mental fatigue is an issue… this has become my solution.”

Verified Costumer

“I think much more clearly and don’t get any jitters from caffeine anymore … So glad I decided to try it!”

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“I’m noticing I can focus for longer periods of time without getting distracted, bored or burnt out after taking Plato for a month!”

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“Definitely seems to make a positive impact on my daily life. Happy to have found a product that helps me feel great during the day.”

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