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A steady mind
for a bumpy

Plato is a daily herbal nootropic that can improve your memory, help you focus, and reduce symptoms of stress.

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Nootropics should be safe, simple, and effective. That’s why Plato has only four well-researched ingredients.

Plato helps you be the boss of you.

… not the other way around.
Be in control of the one thing you’re really responsible for – you.

• Better Focus – Get a greater sense of control over yourself, work and daily tasks.

• Sharper Memory – Be more reliable with facts and with details that matter.

• Less Fatigue – Get more out of every day without abusing your stalwart friend coffee.

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You never do a dumb thing twice

The real key to success is consistency, and people with good habits go on to win Nobel Prizes and huge golden cups with their names on them.

You can be one of these people, and the best habit to start with is taking Plato daily.

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Plato is made of pure gold *

Not really. Technically, Plato is made of branded, standardized extracts.

Our ingredients are backed by the companies that make them, and also by double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trials in healthy young adults.

Check out our research page for why we only work with suppliers who are OK putting their name on our label.

* To be clear, Plato is not made of gold at all – this is a metaphor.

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