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Plato’s Label: Take 2


If you’re holding a bottle from batch 9152 (our first batch of Plato), you may have noticed something about the label. Where it says ‘Suggested Use’, there’s a recommendation that you take one veggie cap of Plato a day.

That’s … wrong. You should take 2 per day, and, to answer an FAQ, you can totally take them both at once, ideally with some dietary fat.

We made a mistake.

From our end, it feels like a monumental error to get something so important so wrong. Especially when we spent SO MANY HOURS poring over EVERY TINY DETAIL of EVERYTHING about our product, including the label, of course.

So what happened that allowed a ‘one’ where there should be a ‘two’ in such an important place?

The short answer is we missed it during a manufacturing change.

The longer answer involves a part of the supplement manufacturing process called a ‘fill test.’ It’s what it sounds like — it’s a test where you bring all your ingredients into your capsules and see how they fit.

Supplement ingredients are loose powders, and it’s difficult to know how they’ll sit in a capsule until you try. Sometimes it takes multiple tries to get the setup right – ours did. There’s a bit more on this in our blog post on formulation.

At first, we designed Plato to fit into one capsule, and we began our design process scrutinizing a label with copy based on that.

The fill test came after the label was finalized, and from it we found that we needed to make a switch to two capsules.

In our diligence to make sure that the Supplement Facts Panel was right on the revised label (and it is), we missed the ‘one’ in the ‘suggested use’ paragraph, and we didn’t catch it until we had the bottles in hand. That was a bad morning.

How do we make this right?

Our options were: throw out (recycle) all the (plastic) bottles and make new ones with the right number on them, or try to make the instructions clear some other way.

If we went with the first option – re-do the bottles – we’d have a nice clean start to our relationship with you, our customer. There’d be no ambiguity and you’d never know we made a mistake. But we’d throw out more than a thousand plastic bottles. If you’ve read our post on packaging, we’re not so keen on plastic to begin with. We couldn’t do that.

So it’s option two. If you’ve purchased Plato already, you’ve noticed there’s a card in the box that points out the error. We hope that makes it clear.

Of course, as we always say, if you have any questions, nootropics-related or otherwise, please reach out to us at hello@goplato.com, and please accept our deepest apologies for this mistake. We are detail people. This is not us.

We will work twice as hard to be sure we do not let you down again.

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